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Friday, September 23, 2011

WATER issues??

PLEASE check this out!! In addition to the poisonous flouride that is ALREADY in your water supply now this!!!

I take issue with this development!! Don't you?

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ticks, Sun, and ending of Summer!

So what do YOU use for bugs and sun??

Just because we have a family full of special diets and allergies does that mean we have a miserable summer?? NO!!! We go the lake, camping, everything!!

We use All Terrain Ditch the Itch for after the fact chiggers - you know when your son comes home from scout camp COVERED and scratchin like CRAZY! We were using Dr. Christopher's BF and T Complete Soap... and it works GREAT. All Terrain is just easier to get my hands on out here!

Next we use Quatum Research Buzz Away Extreme Spray... it repells even TICKS!!! VERY important out here!

We were using Jason's Sun Screen, which works well and smells very nice. But I found Alba Botanical equal in everything BUT price, so Alba Botanical wins our competition.

So if you're looking for sun screen, bug spray, et cetera answers - try these brands and see how they work for your family! They've worked great for ours!! Even with our asthmatic baby!! SPeaking of whom, she is getting so much better because of our trips to our gifted chiropractor!!

YAY for Summer!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Crunch: Total Resculpt! This one is taught by a dude! He growls!!! I loved him! Lots of fun. Great for a beginner. None of the combos too challenging. Easy steps and moves. Still lots of fun for someone like me!

Covers ALL of the arm muscles and back! Lots of legs and squats. Don't ya just love squats?? Plenty of pliets as well. I am beginning to love those pliets! Not much cardio though.. so I feel like I need more cardio now. So faar the other ones were cardio too... but not this one really.

Mmmmm. yep, I feel like runing or something now - but no time :(

Try a little something new. You never know till you try it. Find something you like so you stick with it!!

Sweat on!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Daipers and Decisions

So Our second youngest got bit by a tick and had a skin reaction. No Lyme disease or anything just the skin infection. Unfotunately had to use antibiotics... being reminded that I need to learn more about herbs!!!

For all your diapering needs check out We're getting some training pants for our 2 yr... she is still recovering and having more accidents due to the medication.

So, I've talked with a very knowledgable friend... she will teach me more about herbs and lend me a few books! YAY! I love friends!!

Made Blackberry jam yesterday with blackberries from our yard!! Going to get today or tomorrow!! YAY!

Now I need to find a sign language class and where to hold my Trust Birth Meetings, now that I am a facilitator... hmmmmmm....

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Another dance workout with an Ab Blaster. I like the dance workouts because they seem to be targeting my abs and give my legs a bit of a rest. Lots of sweat! Worked out hard, but it wasn't a fav. So I doubt I'll be repeating it. No particular reason, just not my preferred.

I'm gonna do a "Best Butt Fast" tomorrow. Looks like there's some yoga and dance in that one as well as general aerobics and strengthening.

You wanna have a good start to your day? WORKOUT!!! Rev up those endorphins! Brightens up your mood, gets your heart rate up so you're not dragging yourself to begin your day! Yeah, sure you may have to drag yourself into the beginning of the workout... but that's ok! By the end of it your engine will be humming with energy and your mind will be gearing up for whatever you've choose to do that day!!

Do I do this to look good?? Honestly? No, not really. I have an honest appraisal of my looks - I'm no beauty queen. I'm your everyday girl next door looker. Do I do this so I can eventually fit into my Favorite jeans? YES!! But mostly I do this for the energy I get from it and the amazing mood lift!!! This is Prozac, people, with nothing but good side effects!! I do this so I can play in the yard and the park with my 7 kids!! I do this so I feel healthy and fit. I like to be strong! I love to run and not jiggle like crazy! Don't you??

Well, then... SWEAT ON!!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

kittens kittens

So we have kittens... anyone want some?? Also we're getting rid of our Pygmy goats!! Ya want a few??!!

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Please check out

Our blog about our dietary adventures to come!!